Transfer WoW Gold
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What this site can do for you:
Are you sitting on a pile of gold on a realm that you want to move to another character on another realm or on the other faction? Do you want to avoid wasting real life currency on a character transfer? This site is meant as a match making tool for all WoW gamers to move gold without any cost in game or in real life.

How it works:
Say you want to move 100 000 g from character "Adam" on realm A to "Betty" on realm B. If you find another player who wants to send gold from character "Barney" on realm B to "Alice" on realm A you have the opportunity to trade the gold from Adam to Alice and from Barney to Betty. The more people that use this site the easier it will get to find someone to trade with. Make sure you trade small amounts at a time if you do not know the person you are trading with.

Use the menu above to browse realms or to request a transfer of gold.

If you have any questions, feel free to email